Let’s Talk About Dog Poop

Let’s talk about dog poop, shall we? Below is what you need to know from bags – to the importance of poop pick up – to the “Four C’s” of dog poop. It’s not a glamorous topic, but these tips will make poop pick up a breeze and provide you with insight on healthy vs. concerning dog poop.

Poop Bags:
Four Leg Stretch picks up a lot of dog poop during our daily walks. And trust me, we’ve tried a lot of poop bag brands over the years. A leak-proof, thick, and sturdy bag makes the pick up experience clean, quick, and easy. Paws down, the best poop bag brand on the market is Earth Rated. The USA-made poop bags are super tough, made from recycled materials, and offer unscented and scented options. Just imagine the sweet smell of lavender while you pick up poop! It’s heavenly!

Poop Pick Up (Please and Thank You):
Picking up after your dog is an important and responsible pet parent task. In public spaces, common courtesy is an obvious reason to pick up after your furry pal. Nothing can ruin a walk more than stepping in dog poop. A more urgent and concerning reason to pick it up is health-related. There are many common diseases that can be transmitted to other dogs and even people through contaminated dog poop. There’s also a misconception that dog poop acts as a fertilizer…sadly, this is not true. Dog poop is high in nitrogen so it actually has the reverse effect of fertilizer. Sometimes it can even burn your lawn if it isn’t picked up!

The Four C’s of Dog Poop:
You see and pick up Fido’s poop on a regular basis, but do you take a moment to really look at it? Have you noticed changes in color, consistency, coating, or contents? Just like human poop, dog poop can reveal if something is wrong with your pup. Veterinarians reference the “Four C’s” when examining dog feces – you can also refer to the “Four C’s” on a daily basis! Always seek input from your vet if Fido’s stool has changed or looks concerning.

Dog poop can be a variety of colors, with each meaning something different.


Dog poop should be compact, moist, and easy to pick up. Many vets compare healthy dog poop consistency to Play-Doh. Diarrhea, watery, or unformed dog poop can be an indication of an intestinal upset.

Dog poop should not have any sort of coating on it. Mucus on the stool (formed or watery) may indicate irritation or inflammation of the intestines.

If you feed your dog a grain-based food, Fido may pass undigested food such as corn and other grains. Consider a grain-free alternative food option all together – read more about how to choose a dog food here.

If you see anything out of the ordinary or concerning, always call your vet.


Spring has sprung! Is Fido’s poop still on the ground from the brrrr winter season? KC Pet Collective lists reasons why it’s so important to pick up the poop from last season.

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