Outreach Groups – Wish List Fundraiser

Adopt Don’t Shop – Outreach Fundraiser:

Scott Poore with Adopt Don’t Shop is hosting his 3rd annual outreach fundraising program for Chain of Hope, The Rescue Project, and Spay and Neuter Kansas City. As donation-based organizations, these outreach groups rely on the community to keep them out there – they need our help with basic outreach supplies. Please consider purchasing an item (or a few!) from the Amazon Wish List: https://amzn.to/2GsgzxW

My Outreach Awareness Moment:

Prior to adopting Wiley 9 years ago, I assumed all dogs had full bellies, a soft bed in every room of the house, and endless treats and toys. Backyards were for playing fetch, sunbathing, and chasing squirrels. I was very naïve.

Wiley got settled into home-sweet-home. The next day I came across an article in the Pitch Weekly about a local outreach organization called Chain of Hope. Kate, the founder, was pictured with a dog on the front cover. I turned the page and there was an outreach picture of the same dog standing in a mud circle full of feces with a tow chain around his neck. The spread was 4 pages long and I read in absolute horror. It was over 95 degrees that day. His “water bowl” was an old plastic container filled with mold, dirt, and bugs instead of water. He lived in the backyard for several years, alone, on a chain. His shelter was an old piece of plywood. He was too skinny, never had access to basic vet care, and his humans refused to step up and feed/water him. His life was a nightmare. Towards the end of the article, there were pictures of the dog smiling and wagging his tail. He knew he was getting out that day. He was rescued. I had to meet Kate.

It’s been over 9 years yet I remember my reaction to that article as if I read it yesterday. I felt sick, sad, upset, and shocked. I immediately sent Kate an email and met her at Chain of Hope a few days later. As soon as I met Kate, I felt a genuine kindness radiate from her. She introduced me to the rescued dogs in the Chain of Hope program, told me about their stories, and Chain of Hope’s mission. Each and every dog had a spacious kennel lined with soft blankets and a full bowl of food and water. Dogs were out and about, chewing on pig ears, playing with toys, and each other. The dogs were so happy and felt love for the first time in their lives. Without sugar coating it, Kate shared what she does and SEES day after day. I asked if I could join her on outreach and she welcomed me with open arms.

I’ve joined Kate on outreach several times over the years. I’ve come home emotionally exhausted and hug Wiley tight. In our own city (and every city), there are hundreds and hundreds of sweet, sweet souls living a life they don’t deserve. Chained up, laying in dirt holes, starving for food, love, and attention. Outreach groups provide dogs with proper shelter, replace tow chains with light-weight tie outs, deliver bags of food, water buckets, flea preventative, fly repellant during the summer, hay during the winter, a bone to keep them occupied during their long days, and LOVE. Kate, her outreach team, and all of the outreach groups are heroes and angels on earth to do this work day in and day out.

In an ideal world, all outreach dogs would be rescued. Unfortunately, it’s impossible due to lack of shelter/rescue space and foster homes. The next best thing is to make their lives as comfortable as possible while educating and holding the humans accountable with ongoing follow-up visits. Kansas City outreach groups are out in the field doing this…every single day.

Thank you for your support!

Amy, Four Leg Stretch LLC