The Pros of a Professional Pet Sitter

You’ve booked your personal vacation or work trip. Check! Now the most important decision…who will care for your beloved pet while you’re gone? You may have considered many different pet care options…from asking a friend or neighbor, to boarding at a kennel, to hiring a professional pet sitter. Four Leg Stretch shares the benefits of using a professional pet sitter during your next trip.

What is a Professional Pet Sitter?:
A professional pet sitter provides pet care in your home while you’re away on vacation or a work trip. In advance of your trip, a pet sitter professional will meet with you and your pet, provide proof of liability insurance, and review a contract agreement. During the visit, detailed information about your pet, routine, special needs, and requests will be collected. Client and home instructions will be reviewed, such as light and blind rotation, mail retrieval, and alarm/garage codes. Two house keys will be provided (one key is for day-to-day use; the other is for back-up purposes).

During your travel, a professional pet sitter will visit your pet 3-4 times (dogs) or 1-2 times (cats) per full day gone. A variety of tasks are completed during the visits to include:

  • Feeding, watering
  • Exercise, playtime
  • Medicine administration, if required
  • Mail and newspaper retrieval, blind and light rotation, plant care
  • Litter box clean up
  • Lots and lots of TLC
  • Recap and pet picture following the visit

Benefits of a Professional Pet Sitter:
More and more pet parents have recognized the benefits of in-home care by a professional pet sitter. Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Comfort and Security: Your pet will never have to leave the comfort and security of home sweet home. Home has familiar surroundings, sights, and smells that keep your pet comfy-cozy and relaxed. Boarding facilities can be a very stressful environment for pets.
  • One-on-One Care: While you’re away, attentive focus on your pet gives them the one-on-one attention, care, and love that they deserve.
  • Routine: Your pet will be able to maintain his/her feeding, potty break, exercise, and playtime routine.
  • Avoid Kennel Cons: Pet’s exposure to kennel-related illness, the need for extra vaccinations, and interaction with other pets is eliminated.
  • Peace of Mind: You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pet is being cared for by a trained, experienced, and reliable professional. The care will be tailored to your pet’s needs, likes, dislikes, fears, and habits.
  • Human/Pet Bond: A professional pet sitter forms a very strong bond with your pet. This special bond reduces stress, provides a sense of security, and prevents fear and confusion caused when multiple people are caring for your pet.

Professional vs. Hobby Pet Sitter:
A professional pet sitter cares for pets as their career – your pet is the top priority. Below is a comparison between a “professional” and “hobby” pet sitter:

Professional Pet Sitter:

  • Offers pet sitting services as a primary business – it’s their career
  • Has local business license, full liability insurance, and bond rider
  • Requests client’s to review and approve a contract agreement
  • Has extensive pet care experience
  • Centralized and secure portal with pet, client, and home details
  • Daily visit communication process in place
  • Solid reputation and 5-star reviews

Hobby Pet Sitter:

  • Not a business/career
  • Posts as a pet sitter on websites and apps, such as Rover and Wag
  • Offers pet care as a side job to earn extra money
  • Does not have a license, insurance, bond rider, or contact agreement
  • Asks pet parents to email or leave a note with details about their pets
  • Does not have extensive pet care experience
  • Caring for your pet may not be their top priority

Four Leg Stretch offers professional pet sitting services in Brookside, Waldo, Plaza and surrounding areas. Our client’s reviews on facebook, yelp, and google speak for themselves – our client’s have complete trust and peace of mind when Four Leg Stretch cares for their furry family member. We would be honored to care for your pet during your next getaway. To schedule a complimentary meet and greet visit, please fill out the Contact Us form.